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Creation to Christ Series

The Creator

God’s Account of Creation Genesis 1

Mankind’s Fall into Sin Genesis 2 & 3

Cain & Abel

Noah’s Flood


The Promised Seed and Acceptable Sacrifice

Prophecies of Christ in the Psalms

God’s Work in Israel

The Message of Habakkuk

Jeremiah – Preparation for Exile to Babylon

Ezekiel – Message to Israel in Babylon

Return to the land – Building the Wall

Job – A contest of Faith for God’s Glory

The Tabernacle – A copy and Shadow of God’s work in Heaven

The Holy Days of Israel – God’s Work in History


The Gospel of John Series

The Gospel of John Chapter 1:1-18

The Gospel of John Chapter 1:19-36 John the Baptist

The Gospel of John Chapters 1:35-2:25 The First Disciples, First Miracle, and First Opposition

The Gospel of John Chapter 3:1-21 Born Again

The Gospel of John 4:1-42 The Samaritan Woman

The Gospel of John 5:1-47  Jesus healed a lame man on the Sabbath

The Gospel of John 6:1-71 Jesus fed 5000


Ephesians 5  “Redeeming the Time”